A Kiss for Miss Kingsley: A Regency Short Story, my thoughts

I've never been a fan of short stories because they usually leave me with a taste of unfulfillment but Ms. Cameron has changed my mind. From the very first page I knew there was something special about this story. Something sweet yet passionate. And another thing, I thought I was not a fan of the second chances trope yet here I am, praising the very same thing I thought I didn't like. One night I sat down, started A Kiss for Miss Kingsley and I didn't stop reading it until she was actually kissed, because she deserved to be kissed, because the hero deserved to be kissed, because there was so much passion and feelings withheld by both of them that there was no other way to end this story but with a rather passionate kaiss, and their HEA down the road. I just loved it.



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