The Gilded Cuff by Lauren Smith - Review

The Gilded Cuff - Lauren   Smith

Our couple meets at the very private club The Gilded Cuff. This encounter is no chance meeting, Sophie is in fact a journalist seeking an interview with the reclusive millionaire Emery Lockwood and she’s also trying to solve a kidnapping from the past and trying to resolve issues of her own childhood. He’s never agreed to an interview so she finds a way to get herself in a world she’s never been before in hopes to get him to see her. 

The pace of the story is slow at first. The first half of the story focuses too much on how they react to each other and the chemistry that neither one of them can deny but the story doesn't move too far, in fact the span of it all takes place in a matter of maybe 24-36 hrs at the most. However once we get past how they meet and we start learning more about their private lives, the story takes a turn for the better and the whole of it goes no where but up.
This story is not just about the dark world of BDSM, and to my surprise, it was sort of light in the concept (for what I've heard). Truthfully, I haven’t read that genre before so I can’t compare it to any others but I’m glad the story was not just about that. Although it took a lot of pages for Emery and Sophie to connect (albeit a few hours in real time), that connection felt real and smooth. Sophie is afraid but also curious; afraid but also wants to help Emery, and once she’s inside his world, she’s determined to protect those around him as if they are her own just as much as he is. In the end The Gilded Cuff becomes a symbol to her. It's not only the place where they met, but as the story moves along, it becomes to represent what a sub is for a Dom and the rules of the game the sub has agreed to. To Sophie, it becomes a reminder of what she’s left behind and what’s still to come, and to her that means a future with Emery. 4 stars.

++ I was gifted a copy of the story by the author in exchange for an honest review++


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