My Review: The Sandman by Erin Kellison

The Sandman - Erin Kellison

Riveting and action packed ride! By far one of the best serials I've ever read. Although it’s a quick read it, I think it is mostly so because once I got my hands on it I just couldn't put it down. This is the seventh installment of the series and must be read in order, and while I thought it was going to be last one I was happily surprised to find out there is still yet one more to come.

Hybrid Steve Coll is back and he comes bearing bad news: the Sandman has risen. With the fall of the black market, wild child Maisie must join forces with criminals if she wants to keep her city alive and save the man she loves. Agent Malcolm Rook has to trust his beloved Jordan in the wake world to make the right choices while he tries to save those that still need him Darkside, even though he wants nothing more than to run to her side. Marshal Harlen Fawkes has already lost an ally in this war and may end up losing so much more if their enemies get a hold of those he loves. Everyone is doing their best to stay alive but it may just not be enough as one of them may just have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

This installment is not so much romance but non-stop riveting action. The suspense throughout had me turning the pages in anticipation. I could never guess who was a true ally, who was the enemy, what were they up against. And the fact that they were not only fighting to save the world but each other made the story even better.  Kellison knows her craft and has created a world like no other, threading aspects of suspense, fantasy, action, romance, and science fiction into one spell-binding well-told plot that left me wanting more. If anything, that’s my only peeve of this entire series, because I wish each and every one of them was longer and the characters had more room to tell more of themselves and of the story itself. But men, what a story!


*** I was gifted a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review *** 


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