My review: Retribution by Katie Reus

Retribution - Katie Reus

Declan Gallagher thought he was just accepting another job when he agreed to spy on the Brennan sister, particularly on green-eyed, high cheek-boned, younger Nika. He never thought he’d develop feelings for her or that he’d be so willing to protect her and her sister, even from themselves once he got to know her. Nika on the other hand, never imagined the sexy man of her dreams would be real and that he’d be the cause her sister’s best laid out plans would fail, and that in the end, she’d have to choose between family and the possibility of love and a normal life.


Like many of Reus’ heroes, Declan is very much the loving, intelligent alpha that knows how to give a woman her space when she needs it. He comes from a very close family and I think that’s probably why he understands Nika’s fervent loyalty to her sister, even when she may not openly agree to everything she does. The premise of the man of your dreams actually showing up in your dreams, fulfilling your every fantasy and then becoming a reality is indeed fascinating. I would have loved to know more about his abilities but unfortunately we don’t get to see much of that. One thing that bothered me however, is that even though it was explained how Nika got her special abilities it didn’t make much sense to me, or the fact that they kind of changed over time. But then again, maybe I just missed something.  

Nevertheless, Katie Reus took me on a suspense ride all throughout the book. She used the same formula she normally uses for her other well-known and fabulous romantic suspense stories but the smidgen of paranormal made this story shine all on its own. It’s supposed to be a stand-alone but she’s now given inklings that she may have a follow up (crossing fingers!) in the works so if that’s the case I’ll definitely continue reading.

3 ½ stars


*** I was a gifted a copy of this story by the author in exchange for an honest review ***