My Review: The Nines

The Nines - Dakota Madison, Sierra Avalon

by Dakota Madison (@karenmbryson


“There’s no such thing as perfect. We're two damaged people, but when we're together I think we make each other a lot less flawed. Somehow our broken pieces seem to be coming back together again.” ~ Roxie

So, the premise of this book is amazing. I read the blurb and a little excerpt and I was hooked. It has everything I could ever want in a thriller, and the fact that it has that NA feeling didn't bother me at all, even though I don’t like nor read NA.
We are introduced to two main characters and the story is told through each of their POVs. That is something I’m not used to nor I appreciate much on books I enjoy but the plot and story was so well developed that it didn't take anything away from this one. Roxie Bailey has a past that she'd rather keep hidden from the world and feels that the best way to do so is to keep to herself as much as possible. Alexander Grant has suffered a great ordeal and not only has decided to alienate from everyone but also take justice into his own hands.

“I was burned very badly in a fire. I like to keep my scars covered. “
“Everyone has scars,” Luci says. “You just wear yours on the outside. And I will be too.”

The beauty of these two characters is that they are so emotionally (if not physically) scarred that you can't help but feel sympathetic for each of them from the start, even for Alexander who tended to be a bit cold-hearted at the beginning. And even though they are young they don’t come across as foolish or immature. Their relationship has a much deeper meaning and is more truthful than I've seen in many other romantic stories, and although is not a long novel, their love connection does not feel rushed.

“’We’re together’ […]
The two words are simple, but when Alexander says them they seem to hold so much meaning. Not just that we're a couple, but god help the person who tries to come between us, or hurt me.” ~ Roxie

The second characters add a lot of depth to the story. And, of course the thriller itself is superb. What brings Alexander and Roxie together is not roses and poems, but a serious, horrible, damaging situation that will change their lives forever more. Rape, violence, threats, terrorism, and even death, all become part of this story that had me biting my nails and wanting to punch somebody and sometimes even at the brink of tears! Does the end justify the means? Can you be both judge and jury? Is friendship and love truly enough to keep going after life has thrown you that horrible blow and that curveball that you just were not able to avoid? Those are questions that will pop in your mind as you read The Nines.
Truthfully, this would have earned 5 shining stars in my book, however the fact that it was written in present tense was a bit distracting for me and in the end it did affect how much I enjoy it.

Other favorite quotes:

“But I'll take what I can get, whatever you're willing to give me. I'll take leftovers, scraps, whatever. I’m yours. But I don’t expect you to be mine. It was ridiculous to even suggest.” ~ Alexander

“You deserve to have all of me. You don’t have to settle for anything less.” ~ Roxie

*** I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review ***




Book Description: 


At a prestigious university members of a secret fraternity known for gang rapes believe they can get away with murder...only THE NINES can stop them.



USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Dakota Madison and Sierra Avalon team up to bring readers a new breed of antiheroes...THE NINES.

At a prestigious university members of a secret fraternity known for gang rapes believe they can get away with murder...only THE NINES can stop them.

Vengeance is mine not the Lord's. It's what I breathe for. It's what I'm still living for. I live for the moment when I will literally have his eye for mine. It's been two years. Two long and difficult years, but my plan is nearly complete. When I'm not in a hospital having doctors try to repair my ravaged body I spend my time on the computer, doing hacking jobs for large corporations and governments who don't want to get their hands dirty or be associated with a job if things go sideways. But they don't have any reason to worry. I'm meticulous, so I'll never get caught. Just one thing stands in my way: The mysterious young woman without a past who desperately wants to be part of my future. I just need to figure out why... 

THE NINES is an ongoing romantic suspense series. Each book can be read as a STAND ALONE NOVEL or as PART OF THE SERIES. 

Due to mature LANGUAGE and CONTENT, THE NINES is recommended for adult readers. 

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