My Review: Dreaming of the Duke by Eva Devon

Dreaming of the Duke - Eva Devon

Dreaming of the Duke (Duke's Club #2)


This was one of those stories I can honestly say I liked each character from start to finish. Even the eccentric and peculiar, secondary ones. Our hero Jack was indeed a rake, not only by description but by deeds and actions. So much so that he was borderline jerkish and petulant but funny thing is that he was also charming and witty. And he was ok with his character, or rather lack of, which in turn gave him an interesting personality.

“’There. Now, isn't that civilized?’
He was tempted to point out that it had been civilized inside. But he was aware that such a comment was common to the male who inevitably ended up sleeping alone or paying light o’loves[...]”

Dear Cordy on the other hand was level-headed, innocent in her own way without sounding dense, tended to ramble without being annoying, had her very own convictions, and generally went after what she wanted without being apologetic.

“That one look slammed through him with a terrifying intensity. That gaze spoke volumes rendering him a position of superiority. He felt it. In her eyes, that somehow he'd not only come up to snuff, but far exceeded anything she might have hoped for.”

I've read other stories where the hero is utterly horrible towards the heroine, treats her like a doormat and she still is head-over-heels over him for no other reason than it’s their destiny to end up together. Here Cordelia gives Jack a run for his money, neither one of them is ever sure of the other’s feelings because there are both each other’s equals. I wish people would overlook the grammar mistakes and focus more on the story, or request a newer copy of the story because it truly is, at least in my opinion, a story worthy of reading.

** I was gifted a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review **
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A duchess who desires her freedom.

Cordelia Eversleigh, Duchess of Hunt, has spent her entire life in Egypt, sifting through the sands, cavorting with the local tribes, and uncovering the tombs of glorified ancient Egyptian accountants. Now, all she wishes is to go to Paris and study the mysteries of the hieroglyph. There’s only one problem. She needs to annul her marriage to the husband she has never met. But when she comes face to face with the infamous duke, he stirs a wicked desire in her nature that shocks her to the tips of her oh so practical toes.

A duke longing to be tamed.

Born the second son, Jack Eversleigh, now the Duke of Hunt, has accepted he is going to be a terrible duke. Loving wine, women, and song, he knows there’s only one thing to do. Live up to his debauched reputation. But when a young woman tracks him down in a London pub, prim, proper, and with a tongue that would make the devil envious, he is captivated. . . Until he discovers that she is his wife.

Can these two embrace an arranged marriage á la mode or will their stubborn minds conquer their passionate hearts?