My review: A Scandalous Wager by Cassandra Samuels

A Scandalous Wager - Cassandra Samuels

I always enjoy stories that not only provide witty banter, feasible storylines, charming yet virile heroes, and of course determined, strong heroines. I am delighted to say this story filled all my requirements for a great story. Oliver, Earl of Bellamy, wages that he will be able to get inside the Black Raven’s threshold and then leave as if nothing had happened. However once inside he encounters a beautiful but steely woman that proposes to spare his dignity in exchange to help her find the killer of her husband so she can finally find some peace.

“A demon faced is a demon vanquished.”

Ever since she was accused of her husband’s murder, Lisbeth hasn’t had a moment of happiness. Every single one of her friends and family members deserted her. Thus, when she enlists the help of Bellamy, she does so knowing she cannot fully trust him. Meanwhile, Bellamy keeps hearing so many appalling things about her that he’s not quite sure she’s as innocent as she may want him to think. I loved the chemistry between these two. Lisbeth was forced to become this person that she obviously didn’t like being but had not other choice but to be, she just became too used to wearing her façade so as not to be hurt, so as not to feel pain. I’ll admit there were times she sounded a bit too cold and unemotional towards him but once they get closer and in more, ahem, amiable terms *wink wink* she became the woman capable of love she once was. Although Bellamy could be considered a rake by the standards of the time (he accepted a scandalous wager after all) was always on point as a gentleman but also enjoyed playing the devilish rogue that brought all of Lisbeth’s defenses down and that made him the perfect hero to me.

“Now he knew there was so much more to her story and damn if he didn't want to read the whole book.”

The suspense although important is not the main focus of the story as it primarily revolves around Bellamy and Lisbeth’s relationship. Each of their backstories bring so many great things to the story as a whole that it does feel a little incomplete when the story ends and you feel wanting to know more about all the other characters in the story. All in all a great and enjoyable read and I will definitely will read more from this author.

** I was gifted a copy of this story from the author in exchange for an honest review **



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As the Black Raven, she’s cold, distant and alone…untouched by the gossip and scorn of her aristocratic peers. Until he enters her house — and her life — then suddenly her icy shell is no match for the heat of attraction...


Notorious Widow Lisbeth Carslake, Countess of Blackhurst was acquitted of her husband’s murder, but no one believes in her innocence. Known as the Black Raven, bringer of bad luck and death, she is eviscerated by the gossips and mocked in the clubs.


She’s also the subject of London’s most scandalous wager.


Oliver Whitely, Earl of Bellamy, needs money, but it takes more than a few drinks to take on The Black Raven Wager. He finds himself drunk, at her house, and—more surprisingly—agreeing to a business proposal at the end of a fire poker.


She will let him win the wager, and he will help find her husband’s killer before the killer finds her. But business agreements don’t mean trust, and Lisbeth certainly doesn't trust Oliver, her body’s reaction to him, or her heart.


Love may be the biggest gamble of their lives, but is it a wager their hearts can afford to lose?