My review: Murder, Mi Amore by Cara Marsi

Murder, Mi Amore - Cara Marsi

American Lexi Cortese is on a Roman holiday. She hopes this trip will help her forget the betrayal of her ex-fiancé and will also help her start a new chapter in her life. She was tired of being always compliant and wanted to start living life on her own terms. What she never thought possible, though half-hoped was meeting a sexy Italian Interpol agent that kept saving her life more times than she dared count. She knows something is very wrong but no one believes her, not even the local police or the American Embassy; meanwhile people keep dying left and right. 

The suspense part of the story is ok. I actually liked the interaction of the agents; it wasn’t James Bond or even Mission: Impossible but it was entertaining. The interaction between the main characters however was bleak and I never got a pull to like them as a couple. I kind of liked them separately; Lexi as an innocent bystander, Dominic as a life-saver, heart-melter agent with a past of his own, but when they were together or she started to think about him her attitude irritated me to no end. She proved to be smart by doing all the right things to protect herself and yet when it came to him all he had to do was smile and she melted into his arms and all was forgotten, including that she felt threatened by the world and that just minutes earlier someone did try to hurt her. Huh? She knew in her gut someone was after her yet she kept lusting after her sexy Italian guy. What if he was the bad guy?  It just felt the author could never reconcile the idea of non-corny, feasible romance with good suspense. All in all, an ok story but if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind romantic suspense this story may not be for you. 


"I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review."