My Review: Starry Knight (Knights of Avalon) by Nina Mason

Starry Knight - Nina Mason

Sexy entertaining read with plenty of Scottish history and folklore mixed in with a new take on vampirism.

Lady Vanessa is a woman of society with a special gift and has decided to use that gift to her advantage in her new job as a paranormal investigator. Her first assignment is to find unequivocal proof that vampires exist, however she gets more than what she bargains for when she finds Lord Callum Lyon.

Although there is not much romance between the two as it was more insta-lust, the chemistry is still rich and right. Callum sounded the ancient gentleman he is supposed to be and Vanessa, even when she behaved petulant and excessively self-sufficient at times, she also had her sweet moments.

The story has a great potential but it kind of left me with an unfulfilled feeling what with the multiple story arcs and only a smidge of PN. To me it almost felt a prequel rather than the first book of what will be a series. Of course I will pick up the next book because it sounds like it will be a good one and can't wait to see where it will go from here.


** I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **