My review: Going Rogue (Ribbons and Rogues Book 1) by Jessica Jefferson

Going Rogue (Ribbons and Rogues Book 1) - Jessica Jefferson

Going Rogue is a story about second chances. A young couple that thought leaving each other behind was for the best. The premise of the story is sweet and right and I promise I tried my best to love it but it was not quite there all the way, particularly at the beginning. I don’t think I even started to get into the story until the hero and heroine met again. The dialogue didn't sound adequate for the times and it never gave me that feel of historical, ever. The secondary characters, although unique and funny at times, didn't come off as living in a historical setting either. Truth be told, what I enjoyed to the fullest was the bickering between the main characters and their complexity of emotions and while it didn't fulfill my love for the historical it at least did it for my love for romance. If others are not as picky as me when it comes to their Historicals then this may be a good read but it was just an “ok” book for me.

** I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review **