My review: Blood Gift – Vampire’s Choice #3

Blood Gift: Billionaire Vampire's Choice #3 - V. M. Black

by  V.M. Black ( @VMBlackAuthor)


This was a lovely reminder of why I fell in love with Dorian and the series. It had action, passion, suspense, and that Dorian, I-hate-what-you-do-to-me-but-can’t-stop-drowning-in-you moments. We didn't get to travel to the past but stayed with him in the now and enjoyed more of his relationship with other agnates and Clarissa. I always wanted to know more about their father-daughter relationship so it was nice seeing here.


I also found it interesting that it was easier for me to understand Cora’s internal dilemma from Dorian’s POV than it was from hers. I always took her as a bit peevish and prickly, but hearing Dorian’s side of the story I kind of realized she had good reasons for being unwilling and even resentful to her new life… but only a little bit because Dorian is Dorian and one cannot help but be enthralled by Dorian, ha! Besides, I need to keep reminding myself that Cora is young and has much to learn still. Can't wait to see what’s coming next. 5 Glorious Stars. 


** I received a copy of this story by the author in exchange for an honest review **




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The billionaire vampire Dorian Thorne has searched the world to find Cora Shaw, a once-human woman with whom he has formed an eternal bond. But his triumph is shattered when Cora is attacked, sending her running from their sworn enemies. Dorian is determined to rescue her before she can come to harm—and wreak his vengeance upon those who have tried to destroy them both.