My review: The Seduction of Madalyn by Cynthia A. Clement

The Seduction of Madalyn - Cynthia Clement

This was my first time reading this author but the blurb and being a historical incited me to read it. I don’t regret it because overall it was a satisfactory story. The simplicity of the prose kept me turning the pages and accomplished its purpose of keeping me entertained, however that same simplicity made me lose interest at times as I felt it needed to be more fleshed out and more detailed. My other quibble would be the bedroom scenes which appeared to have been copied and pasted every single time. It just became predictable what their next move would be when they were together because I’d already read in a previous scene and, well, I don’t think that’s good.

The Hero and Heroine showed specific traits from the beginning and that’s always a plus for me; they evolved but they did so according to the arc and their actions were congruent with their thoughts and the way they were portrayed by the author. There was chemistry and a spark and their love built in the right direction. The second characters, including the zillion villains in the story – ok, there weren’t that many, although at times it sounded like the whole world was against them- added plenty to the story. So, although I’m not so sure about the writing style I did like the story enough to pick up the other books in the series and I will continue reading works by this author.


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Madalyn, is a stowaway, sold to the highest bidder. Nathan Carter, is the man who buys her. His plan to set Madalyn free is thwarted, and they are forced to marry. The last thing either expects, is for passion to flare between them.

When Madalyn is compromised, marriage is the only solution. She is determined to find her kidnapped brother and return to England, but first she needs an annulment. The longer she stays married though, the more she admires and desires Nathan. Can she convince him to forget the past and risk his heart on love?

Nathan’s plan to rescue Madalyn, backfires and he is honor bound to wed her. Despite the growing attraction he feels towards his new wife, he has loved and lost. He may want and need her, but he has vowed never to love again. Madalyn’s persistence and allure, breaks down his barriers, until all he can think about is seducing his wife. Dare he chance love again?