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Beyond the Call of Duty: Military Romantic Suspense (Wings of Gold Book 2) - Tracy Tappan


Wowza! I'm very much in love with what Tappan did to the series. After reading the first installment I was a bit hesitant if I wanted to continue reading but I thought well, she's an amazing author given what I know of her paranormal books and of what I did like of the first one so I decided to give Beyond the Call of Duty a try and man, was I ever happy I did!

I'm not much for Special-Ops or military stories and I only have 2 other authors that are automatic buys as far as those genres go and now Tracy Tappan has given me the opportunity of adding her to that list with this story. We know DEA Agent Nicole Gamboa and the agency enlist senior lieutenant Eric O'Dwyer in a special op to bring down a drug lord. During the operation, they both realize they are attracted to each other and yet Nicole is afraid to accept that attraction for fear of just a broken heart. There is much more to them than meets the eye.

I was able to see why he was so adamant to pursue her and why she was so hesitant to deny their attraction. It wasn't insta-love but there was definitely some feelings and not just lust; I'd say she managed the romance as good as expected and as good as the story/heroine's feelings allowed her. On a secondary note, it's kind of hard for me to fully enjoy a Latina heroine because they tend to be whiny, theatrical, or stereotypical, but in this instance I actually liked her a lot. Perhaps it was the kiss-a$$ factor that made me go "No wonder Eric can't stop thinking about her!" ;) Yep, she was a tough cookie.

Tracy throws some pretty good twist with the main couple as well as the secondary characters. She gave them all a pretty loud voice of their own that kept me engaged from beginning to end. She definitely knows a lot of the lingo used by the pilots and although I felt a little disturbed by the footnotes to find out what something meant in the middle of the page, after a while it just became part of the story. Never again will I doubt Tracy's writing and I will definitely will continue this series.

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Eric “LZ” O’Dwyer, a senior lieutenant stationed out of San Diego, is in command of his own helicopter detachment out of the HSM-75 Wolf Pack. Deployed off the coast of South America on a counterdrug operation, Eric jumps at the chance to take down a ruthless drug lord. But to do it, he’ll have to join forces with badass DEA Agent Nicole Gamboa. Infiltrating the drug lord’s mansion is crucial to the mission, and to pull it off, Eric and Nicole have to play out an intimate scene together that leaves them both reeling. In the aftermath, Eric wants to foster something real with Nicole, but there is a secret part of Nicole’s life that makes a relationship impossible. The mission erupts again, and Nicole and Eric end up relying on each other in ways they’d never predicted. The stakes are raised to their highest when the drug lord gains the upper hand, and living or dying hinges on a final showdown between Nicole and her past…and whether Eric can get to her in time!


Content warning: contains profanity and adult situations.