My review : The Devil's Masquerade (Royal Pains #3)

The Devil's Masquerade - Nina Mason

This is the third book in the series and is not a stand alone, thus must be read in order to be fully enjoyed. This story picks up a few years after we last see them and now our Duke and Duchess are joined by a son while trying to adapt to their new life in court. I wouldn’t call this an erotica, but more like an erotic historical with a smidge of romance because after all, it’s about a married couple that want nothing more in life than make each other happy; to make the other content and pleased in any way possible to avoid even the smallest likelihood of losing one another. Although admittedly group sex is not my thing, I can see why the author chose to go down that path with this story.






What I love most about our main characters, Robert and Maggie, is the way they are growing as a couple. The way I see it there is never a true cause for miscommunication or misjudgments because they tell each other everything and if there is, they at least try to remedy their faults as soon as they can to avoid any further injury.

I also love the history lessons. Every time I pick up a book in the series, I get transported to that time and place. So detailed and so smooth with the characterizations and settings that I have no trouble being transported to the England of the time, even if have no prior knowledge to any of it.

Now, let’s talk a bit about Maggie.

It seems to me that after 5 long years she still has a little trouble controlling her alter-ego. Which makes me wonder, did they really never have a chance to experience with her further, even when they were trying to do the deed? ever? Hmm… Also, it’s been more than five years and yet she is still unable to reconcile her religious beliefs with her sexual appetites and her need to satisfy her husband. It may have been because the couple was estranged for a while but it feels to me that Maggie should have been more at peace with the choices she’d made.






Perhaps I’m going into too much depth into Maggie’s character (but only because I like her too much to suffer any deficiencies LOL) and I should just let her be.

So, to finalize, it was a great continuation to the series and will definitely read the next one. I mean, I’m no expert when it comes to erotic reads, but this is a series that’s got me hooked me from the start and I think it’s a well-written and compelling story that should not go unnoticed. 4 Stars.


*** I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ***