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Edge of Danger: A Deadly Ops Novel - Katie Reus

My review: Edge of Danger (Deadly Ops #4) by Katie Reus

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Release Date: November 3, 2015


Deadly Ops is one of my favorite romantic suspense series by far. This is the fourth installment and though it can be read as a stand alone I’d suggest to read at least the previous one, Shattered Duty, if only because the hero was first introduced in that one and some aspects of the story may be better enjoyed if you get the whole picture. It was nice to “see” secondary characters from past books as that gave me a sense of familiarity with the entire series.

Our hero Tucker has done a lot of bad things in the name of duty. Things he’s not proud of and that have left him scarred both inside and outside but he knows it is what is and he’s learned to live with it, fully accepting he may never live a normal life. When the lives of his team members become endangered it seems he has no other choice but to enlist the help of one of his former boss’ allies; but how to get him to help them? Cue suspense music.

Karen is some sort of a super analyst. She knows her way around the agency like nobody’s business and not only is she one of the boss’ favorites but she is also the calm, familiar, and soothing voice behind every dangerous operation.





I’m always in awe at the way Reus manages to weave good romance in such fast paced stories. Even though the chemistry between Karen and Tucker started fast it still worked because it developed as the story progressed and it wasn’t just insta-lust. I also loved the fact that our heroine managed to keep a clear head and behaved like a true NSA agent even though she was just an analyst. In spite of a certain connection between kidnapper and victim, which was kind of understandable as they were treating her fairly well and not as a prisoner, there was no Stockholm syndrome, and their so called “relationship” didn’t begin until she was able to rationalize and prove he was one of the good guys. All in all great addition to the series and I’ll definitely be picking up the next one.


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When an assassin tries to kill undercover DEA agent Tucker Pankov the same week his boss is taken out, Tucker has good reason to be paranoid. And when other members of his elite team are not only targeted, but stripped of top-secret security clearance, Tucker has one shot at discovering who wants them dead—and why. So he kidnaps the only woman he thinks can save them.
Brilliant NSA analyst Karen Stafford doesn’t like being forced into anything, especially by someone she doesn’t trust. Yet after a hijacked US-owned drone starts attacking government installations resulting in mass casualties, Karen has to take Tucker’s side.  Now, two unlikely allies must unite to prevent an escalating and unthinkable terrorist conspiracy. But as Tucker and Karen grow intimate, they realize the conspiracy runs deep, and their enemies are closer than anyone realized.