These vampires do not sparkle ... and they are glad they don't.

Four - R.E. Carr

FOUR by R.E. Carr

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I got this gem as part of the Kindle Scout program. The blurb was intriguing and being the paranormal glutton that I am I decided to vote for it and lucky for me I got my very own copy as soon as it got approved.

The blurb didn’t say much as to what exactly it was about but hey, vampires, a mob girl being introduced to a non-Hollywood version of them, and possibly some romance involved; sure, let’s give this a try. 

The story is told in its majority in Georgia’s POV.  As she’s trying to convince Gail to take her place as the vampire Mr. Lambley’s new assistant, she starts by telling her how she came to meet him in the first place and how life-altering accepting that job was. After all, vampires were still only a thing of folklore and myth and Gail had to make sure they stayed that way if she was to accept the job. In fact, all she had to do was remember the Four unequivocally laws that govern the vampires if she wanted to survive, ahem- I mean, keep her job. Georgia painted Gail this remarkable picture of perks and the possibility of an early retirement if she performed well but then that got me thinking, why does Georgia want to leave such an amazing job and have another enjoy the benefits?





The story is told in flashbacks but they are well-told and I never felt lost. It engaged me from the beginning with its silliness and Georgia’s funny anecdotes to fearing for her life knowing that she was after all in the service of a “killer.”

 I was rather happy how the author managed to bring back the allure that I enjoy so much of theses old and dark beings: dark and enigmatic creatures of the night that did indeed feed from humans, some for pleasure, some for habit, some because it’s their nature.


As the story progresses we learn that vampires may not exactly fall in love but they sure can obsess over stuff and once they decide over what or whom, they do not yield. Some vampires are worst than others and like many other societies there are certain faction that have levels of importance and for poor Georgia and the people she got to care for it meant that being a human assistant is just being a the bottom of the ladder of importance. It takes a near fatal incident for Georgia to realize that everything will be worth it if she does it for the right reasons and for the right people.

There were certain facts near the end that I didn’t quite get but then again it wouldn’t be the first time every body else got the joke and I’m left standing with a blank expression on my face. And I don’t think it was the author’s fault, I feel it was me that just couldn’t follow what was happening. I was left with too many questions, not at the end of the book but rather at the climax of the story.




Hmm. I recently read that the author has been thinking on starting a sequel so hopefully she gets to explain better what the heck happened for us slowpokes that take more than normal people to get the whole context. Other than that I will definitely recommend this read to others and will read more from this author.


** I was gifted a copy of this story via the Kindle Scout Program ** 



Book Description: 


Finding a job is never easy, and the only employment Gail usually finds is acting as Girl Friday for the mob. Lucky for Gail, Georgia Sutherland has just the job for her—that is, if she can handle working nights, managing a little blood, and a boss who's been dead for centuries.

In a single interview, Gail's world turns upside down as she discovers that all she’s seen in Hollywood isn’t quite true; vampires don't combust in sunlight, but they do fall in love.

Are Georgia's stories enough to persuade Gail to take the gig catering to an antediluvian vampire who's thirsty for a new personal assistant? If Gail wants to live out the year and retire rich, she just needs to remember the Four Rules that govern undead society.