The Chameleon Soul Mate: Worlds Apart Series - Soul mates with telepathic abilities who traveling to parallel universes - Evelyn Lederman

The Chameleon Soul mate by Evelyn Lederman 


This is by far the closest I’ve been to a DNF. Had it been a book of my choosing and not a book I was gifted for a review then I would have definitely not finished and that would have been a very first for me.





The overall idea of parallel worlds sounds great, as a matter of fact I love this trope and genre however I was a bit disappointed when I realized I’ve read other books with a very similar premise and found no originality when reading this one.  I was at about 10 percent of the book and I was already ready to give up on the story with more names and talk of politics that I cared to keep track of. Bummer.


Another thing I could not get past, and mind you this is just a peeve of mine, was that they kept calling the heroine and her friends “girls” when it was clearly stated they were all adults. To me it was not only a bit demeaning but it also encouraged that feeling of YA that the story pushed at times.


The story in itself was told with lots of descriptions of scenery and behavior but there were hardly any emotions shown that would pull me one way or another. Because of the lack of chemistry between the main couple, or any character for that matter, the relationship felt forced and wrong. There was no romance or sensuality in their encounters; it was just words, words, and more words. 

Soul mates although a bit trite can still work IF the story is well written and the characters have depth; sadly this book had neither.


** I received a copy of this story from the author in exchange for an honest review **