Review for Timeless Heart (Timeless Hearts #1) by Karyn Gerrard

Timeless Heart - Karyn Gerrard

It reminds me a bit of the movies Kate and Leopold and Lost in Austen. Time travel stories are always amusing because you never know how the character is going to react to the change. To me, the funniest moments happened when Jerrod was introduced to the indoor plumbing system and light bulbs. So yeah, it was funny however there were other things that missed the mark.
The first thing that bothered me was that she immediately took him home, no apprehensions, no distrust; she just picked him up, put him in her car, let him sleep by himself and wake up by his own in a guest room without being watched. Of all the things to do, a single woman doing this sounded way too reckless. Perhaps if she was way out in the country and he needed immediate medical attention that could not wait or she had no means of communication AT home it would have sounded more believable. Why didn’t she call a friend while he was sleeping in case of anything? But no, she was too obsessed with having found her Mr. Darcy that those thoughts never crossed her mind.
Another issue was that he became too comfortable too soon with the public display of affection. He’d just come from a time when getting too close was unacceptable and suddenly they were making out in public. And the fact that whenever he lusted after her he was reminded of the women he had sex with in the “dark alleys” made it all sound wrong.
It was a good story that I will admit I read in one sitting because all in all in was engaging however I feel there were some crevices that could have been filled better.

** I was gifted a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review **