On a lighter note... 2016 Blogger Shame Review Challenge SignUp

2016 Blogger Shame Review Challenge SignUp


Blogger Shame

I read for my pleasure and I only started writing reviews for the past 2 or 3 years. I didn't know they were that important until I started connecting with authors on social media and I realized my opinion, good or bad mattered. Not only to the authors but also to the readers. If my opinion could help anyone find their next awesome read or dissuade them from wasting their time on that one awful book then sure, I'll do it.  And then I met Netgalley... 


Our relationship began as many others do. I was gifted with all sorts of precious books, all shiny and new, and in many instances they weren't even available to the general public yet! It was perfect. 




That is until my addiction for books took over. All of a sudden I had this list of book reviews I needed to complete before the next one came out. A whole series was out and I was still working on the first few in the series because I just couldn't stop requesting books, and you know what the worst thing is? They keep approving me! So now not only do I review for authors on the side and read books that I just happen to pick up for my own pleasure but my relationship with Netgalley needs some serious work. 


Last time I checked there were a few dozen books on my Netgalley account that still need to be reviewed and I'd like to tackled those down with as much pose but swiftness as I can manage and I know I'm going to need more than a little help; maybe even a little incentive.  So I've decided to enter this challenge to help me accomplish my goal. Hopefully with their help I'll be able to at least bring my Netgalley relationship to a good 80% positive status. 


The challenge goes like this: 


It begins Jan 1, 2016 and ends Dec 31, 2016
All review books that have been on your review list for 6+ months count.
Any book format counts.
Crossovers with other challenges are okay.
You pick the number of books for your individual challenge.
Once a quarter there will be a wrap up post to show off progress!
(sign up post--now through Jan. or whenever you join)
quarter 1 post--end of March
quarter 2 post--end of June
quarter 3 post--end of September
quarter 4 post--end of Dec wrap up post


Any one can join their Facebook group for the different challenges this year if you'd like to join for support, suggestions and event updates! Just go HERE.


I'm planning on reading at least 12 books for this challenge. That's about 1 book per month. Not much, I know but hey, compared to nothing I say that's a lot =D 


How about you? Anyone interested in joining the challenge? Are you planning on joining any reading challenges next year?