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Blood Games: Vampire's Choice #4 - V. M. Black

My review for Blood Games (Vampire’s Choice #4 by V.M. Black


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This book is the continuation of Cora and Dorian’s love story told through his point of view. I find it interesting that I am more sympathetic for her the more I hear it from him.
When read Cora’s Choice Series, she sounded a bit whiny (actually quite a lot at times hehe) but the more I hear from Dorian the more I feel like he’s pushing her too far too soon and I feel that he either gives in completely to the bond or he treats her fully like a human. There shouldn’t be an in-between. Then again I already know what can happen if they give in to the bond and then I understand why he sometimes acts the way he does. I obviously have issues and cannot make up my mind =@


I will say this though, I’m glad the romance is at that place where she’s still hesitant but fully aware of the intense emotions and feelings he evokes in her, and Dorian being Dorian makes it all oh, so worthy for her.


Another thing I find exceptional about these stories is that the author always manages to expand even the most trivial anecdote into a full-blown, well-told storyline. And the secondary characters, being that they are from Dorian’s world in this story, are clearly not innocent and sinless at all. Kudos for not making them appear something they are not.
Great story from a great author and I am glad the next installment is currently in production.


** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **