Review for Jake by Cynthia Woolf ~ Me likey a lot =D

Jake (Destiny in Deadwood Book 1) - Cynthia Woolf



“I think we saved each other, I love you Becky Anderson, my rebel, my redeemer, my wife.” ~ Jake 



It’s been a while since I've read a Western romance. I think I stayed away from them for so long because the ones I had read always, without variation, included the rebel but vulnerable virgin and the renegade but sexy outlaw, or the man on a mission, being it a bounty hunter, or the willing-to-break-the-law-if-needed man in uniform, but it was always the same.

I was gladly surprised this lovely story was nothing of the like. From the beginning the story was not what I expected. The hero was actually on the run from the law but he was not presented as a sexy, demanding, overprotective male. Jake was just one of 3 brothers trying to find a way to clear his name while helping one of the brothers raise his children. Loved that! They were so transparent, so family-oriented, and caring without being overprotective or annoying.



“He wanted to keep holding her but let her go. When she was ready to be held for another reason, to be held for a loving reason, he would be there.”



The heroine, Becky, was in fact a vulnerable virgin but not a rebel by any means. She had had a rough life and was just trying to survive. All her actions were congruent with her character and even though there was plenty of sexual tension the way she and Jack fell in love was steady and believable, given the circumstances and the times.  

The author’s voice was engaging and evocative. The images were so vivid that as I was reading I could picture the characters walking down the roads, by the river, panning for gold and it was truly like watching an old western movie, especially with that twang of the characters that was so on point. Also, I appreciated that when Becky was discovering the new physical feelings Jack was awakening in her, she never described such feeling with phrases like “pooling at the pit of her stomach,” “curl her toes,” “between her legs,” and others like that. I know, I get it, it’s a romance, but I think I’ve read those way too many times already.

I found the ending a bit inconclusive as the resolution to their main problems was a bit vague but I will definitely be reading more from this author. Zach and Liam, Jack’s brothers, have books of their own and I’m sure they will be as good or hopefully better.

4.5 stars. 


**I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.**