Christmas is here!... Then again it's Christmas 365 days a year in Holly, NC =D

All He Wants for Christmas - Laura Wright, Skye Jordan, Katie Reus, Elisabeth Naughton, Cynthia Eden, Alexandra Ivy

I’m not one to read Christmas stories for the sake of it but since I’m a fan of all these awesome authors I knew I couldn’t pass the chance to get my hands on this collection. And just as expected I was not disappointed.







Each story was full of heart and emotions, some even suspense and intrigue, which was a pleasant surprise for such short stories. I don’t want to give a full detailed account of each story because when it comes to box sets I think the reader should have the option to savor each story as they would a course as part of a grand meal then decide if the meal was satisfactory as a whole.
Granted, some stories were better than others (or perhaps I like the voice of some authors more than others) but it still is a great box set and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for stories with that warm and Christmassy feeling mixed with the spice needed to keep you warm in those winter nights.

I do have one question, where is Brad’s story? I kept reading each story hoping he would find his HEA or at least his HFN but I got nothing! Lovely authors, one of you will have to write me his story because really, honorable, loving, caring, sexy Brad should have his own.

** I was gifted a copy of this box set by one of the authors in exchange for an honest review **