Short but enjoyable story

Everything to Lose - Savannah Stuart, Katie Reus

First, let's keep in mind this is an erotic story of sorts so the couple will get down to it several times before a HEA is achieved. As I see it, this is a super sexy and steamy novella about how miscommunication can drive a married couple apart. I have to say that as the story progressed I was kind of annoyed at the Neanderthal and overbearing behavior of the hero. It was kind of like “my way or the highway” and I could see why the heroine had decided to file for divorce. Even the first time they are together after being apart for a full year sounded as if he had just decided to take what he believed was his and she just went with it because of her own lust. As the story progresses and they get to talk and yes, get intimate again, they realize it’s not just about how much they love each other but how hard they are willing to work for the marriage to thrive. In the end what finally convinced me that they would be happy after all was that she realizes what made her fall in love with him was what she had been fighting against for the past year: his take charge attitude. It may not be for me but I could see it working for the heroine and bringing the story to a happy conclusion.

** I was gifted a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review **