Moonstone Conspiracy by Elizabeth Ellen Carter

Moonstone Conspiracy - Elizabeth Ellen Carter

Engaging historical read with likable and developed characters. It was interesting to me how the author incorporated so many historical facts and other fictional characters, like the Scarlet Pimpernel, to create her own story.


The story is divided in two. The first part was a bit too slow for my taste and the romance takes a backseat. That put me off a lot as far as the love story goes. I would have liked more of them together from the beginning but instead it’s more about spies, the beginnings of a revolution, how to catch a traitor, and Abigail trying to redeem herself.

Once the second part started I was so engaged in the story and action that it was hard to put it down at times. The depictions of the scenes were so vivid that I felt I was part of the story itself. And the romance, once it took flight, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the couple and cheer them on.


The ending felt a bit abrupt but I suppose that’s because I’d have liked to know more of what happened to our main couple after their grand adventure in Paris. As a whole, it felt a bit long but it is a story worth reading if you like historical with a splash of romance, action, and adventure.


** I was gifted a copy of this story in exchange of an honest review **