Dark and Stormy Knight (The Knights of Avalon, #2) by Nina Mason

Dark and Stormy Knight (Knights Of Avalon) - Nina Mason

Magic, fantasy, BDSM, mythology, and passion, all beautifully blended to create this unique tale of love and liberation.


“The world fell away. Time stood still. There was only his key winding her up, only the building tension in her spring, only the hammer preparing to strike her chimes.”

Gwyn, our heroine, travels to Scotland not only to secure the film rights to a novel but because she felt it was her chance to do something different. Once Leith lays eyes on her he sees an opportunity to engage on some fun BDSM games that he hadn’t had a chance of playing in a long while. What neither of them expected was to fall in love and what started as a playful and erotic encounter for both Leith and Gwyn turned into a quest to save more than their lives; it was a magical adventure that kept me turning the pages and fulfilled my love for all things mythical.

Now, there were a few instances where too many deities and names were thrown in and perhaps the pace of the story lagged a bit but that might have been my problem as I tried to keep up with everything and expecting the pace to always stay the same.
The chemistry between the hero and heroine took a bit of time to take off but I think it was meant to happen that way because they were not in love at the start as it was merely attraction. As the story progressed the attraction was obviously undeniable but there was also something more, something deeper and the connection was finally there, thus the curse took hold.

In addition, I liked that characters from the first book were re-introduced here and some were actually a very important piece to keep the plot moving forward.

Ms. Mason is a must read for me now and this is a series that I will not pass on and recommend to any fantasy lover adult.

**I was gifted a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review**