The Replacement Bride (Hope's Crossing Book 2) by Cynthia Woolf

The Replacement Bride (Hope's Crossing Book 2) - Cynthia Woolf

Heat level: 2

Jesse had everything ready to finally settle down and start a family with his fiancée, unfortunately she had other plans and refused him at the last moment. He's so hurt after that rejection he decides never to fall in love again but still wants to start a family so he contacts a mail bride agency and asks for a new bride. He gets lovely and sweet Clare. She’s more beautiful than he thought possible (and even though he develops feeling for her) he simply tells her she will always be taken care of but he will never love her. Clare of course falls in love with caring, loving Jesse but after a while she's not sure she wants to stay, specially since she's never got over the fact that she was just a replacement.

As usual, the author painted a very vivid and colorful setting, never missing a detail. Also, the mix of mystery complemented the story nicely. The only thing is that I’d have liked the main characters and their relationship with a bit more depth as I felt we only brushed the surface and we missed a lot of emotional dwelling for the sake of plot. All in all a good and entertaining story.

** I received this story from the author in exchange for an honest review**