Forbidden Nights with the Viscount by Julia Justiss

Forbidden Nights with the Viscount (Hadley's Hellions) - Julia Justiss





Yep, I just think Julia Justiss truly has a gift. She’s one of the few authors I dare compare to the actual classic writers of those times. I love her poetic voice and writing style.


Lady Margaret Roberts and Viscount Giles Hadley meet while canvassing for opposing political parties in 1832 England. Hadley has personal and humanitarian reasons as to why he wants the power to be transferred to the common people while Maggie supports the idea that an uneducated man should not vote on issues he’s not familiar with. The dialogue about political issues felt honest and was never boring and had I been to rallies held by either one I could’ve been swayed to either party at any given time. I’m not too fond of stories with a political subplot but here it worked perfectly, and it actually helped the plot move along nicely when it was necessary.


Maggie is not in the marked for marriage or everlasting love as she’s known it before. In fact, the last thing she wants is to fall in love again because the love of her life died in a terrible accident and she doesn’t want to suffer another loss. She may be a widow but she still has a reputation to think of however the more she knows about Giles the more she wants to be with him, in more ways than she’s willing to accept. And of course Giles, being the loving man that he is, does everything in his power to make sure Maggie is loved in every way possible. Their friendship is palpable through their dialogue as well as their actions so kudos to Julia for giving me the "show" instead of the "tell."


There was enough sexual tension that never bordered on the unbelievable. The main characters were charming and smart and witty and I just loved that the hero was never over powering or over protective, he was just a normal man trying to do something good with his life. The whole book was just great and I’m giving it 5 stars because I just loved it so =D