Into the Darkness (Darkness #5) by Katie Reus

Into the Darkness (Darkness Series Book 5) - Katie Reus


So I’ve always wondered –and inwardly complained – how come supernatural creatures only pair up one at a time? It was like, is only one couple lucky enough to find their HEA at a time? Are they not supposed to find their mates until another does? If so, who goes first? Who goes last? And who gets to choose? The author of course does but that is kind of unfair, isn’t it?





The fact of the matter is they probably write stories with only one couple reaching their HEA because as readers we like our stories long, I mean not too long that we’d lose interest but not too short that we’d chew their heads off for ripping us off of a good story (and money, of course) and we want our sole focus to be on them.  Anyhow, Katy fulfilled my wish of seeing more than one couple finding L-O-V-E in one story, beautifully done in a way that only she knows how.


Ok, so first of all, she was able to combine the two things I love about her writing, suspense and romance (obviously hehe) then, the stories are parallel to each other without trampling one another and helping the story move along. One villain. One team. Everyone doing what they do best to defeat the enemy. That’s what team works is all about. Now here, the villain's defeat felt a bit anticlimatic because it felt a bit rushed. Then again perhaps that was just me. 





Finally, the couples. Le swoon. Rhea and Connall. Katie’s dragons are protective but they are also tender and caring. Kind of a big bad wolf tending an injured lamb. Rhea is a warrior that learned the hard way who she was and what needed to be done. As an alpha, Connall was not only protective but overly so but he knew how and when to step back to let his lady deal with her own problems they best way she knew how. And the way they finally accepted each other, epic and hot!

Liberty and Rory had been friends since he, his brothers, and his brother's mate saved her from a Hell realm. For Liberty the idea of supernatural creatures is still hard to accept but not that of Rory being in her life. And Rory is the kindest, most patient and caring half-demon, half-shifter willing to wait for as long as necessary until she’s ready to accept him as her mate.


Every time I started reading about one couple I thought that one was my favorite until I started reading about the other one again and I could never make up my mind and I ended up liking both. If there are other stories with more than one couple as the main characters I’ve never read them so I have nothing to compare it to. Thus, this is by far the best two-couple book I’ve ever read! ;)  4.5 stars.