Highland Awakening (Highland Knights #2) by Jennifer Haymore

Highland Awakening (Highland Knights, #2) - Jennifer Haymore

Lady Esme may seem an innocent lady of propriety but in truth she is a woman that knows everything there is to know about love-making, and what she lacks in practice she makes up in imagination. Highland Knight Camden McLeod meets Lady Esme in the most peculiar way and after that moment he realizes he must know more about the lady. 


So the story itself was an easy and entertaining read however there were two things that prevented me from enjoying to the fullest. One is that perhaps I'm a bit bored with the bodyguard trope that I've been seeing a lot of lately but I just didn't feel this story gave me anything fresh; I even felt it fell short compared to the first one. And yes, I do understand that most romances (or any other genre for that matter) use a formulaic format but that's how it felt to me.




There is also Cam's attitude. There are heroes that that will go to the extremes to get the woman they DESIRE, those passionate highlanders that will never take no for an answer, those that will act all possessive towards the object of their affection, and then there is Cam.





Revealing more will give away spoilers but I'll say this: like many other highlanders he was presented as a ruthless alpha male, capable of love, willing to do anything and everything for the heroine however in my opinion that was his biggest flaw. There were times that he did things in "the name of love" or for the benefits of others but in actuality his reasons were more selfish than not and even sounded like a break of an unspoken code of honor.

In the end everything is remedied but to me it sounded like it was a little too late. All in all the writing was fast-paced and like I said it was entertaining so 3 stars for at least giving me that.


*** I received a copy of this story via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review ***