Pick and author, any author, and... READ ALL THE BOOKS challenge

Another challenge that god only knows when I'll be finishing...  



"The goal? Pick an author who has published at least 45 books and...read them ALL.

This is an ongoing challenge. You can start whenever you want...and finish whenever you want."





Sounds easy enough.  As you've deducted the purpose of the challenge is to read all the books in the author's backlist with no time frame in mine. I've always wanted to read Gena Showalter and she has plenty of books to keep me entertained for the next oh, I don't know, next decade or so. Wish me luck! 


: If you'd like to be part of the challenge, you can sign up here: http://theherdpresents.blogspot.com/2016/04/sign-up-read-all-the-books-reading-challenge.html#disqus_thread

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Gena's Booklist: 



The Stone Prince

The Pleasure Slave



(Gena's earlier work.  Pre-Lords of the Underworld)

Heart of the Dragon

Jewel of Atlantis (loosely connected to The Stone Prince)

The Nymph King

The Vampire's Bride 

The Amazon's Curse


Alien Huntress:

Awaken Me Darkly (1st person, Kyrin and Mia)

Enslave Me Sweetly(1st person, Agent L and Eden)

Savor Me Slowly (3rd person, Jaxon and Mishka -- usually the one we recommend new readers start with, as the series goes in a whole new direction with this book)

Deep Kiss of Winter (3rd person, Macy and Breean)

Seduce the Darkness (3rd person, Devyn and Bride)

Ecstasy in Darkness (3rd person, Ava and McKell)

Dark Taste of Rapture (3rd person, Noelle and Hector)


Alien Huntress, young adult:

Red Handed




Tales of an Extraordinary Girl:

Playing With Fire

Twice As Hot







Young adults not part of a series:

Oh My Goth


Lords of the Underworld:

*The Darkest Fire (this is a bonus story about how Pandora's box was created, and you don't have to read it to understand the series or the characters)

The Darkest Night-- Maddox

The Darkest Kiss -- Lucien

The Darkest Pleasure -- Reyes

*The Darkest Prison -- Atlas and Nike (another bonus story)

The Darkest Whisper -- Sabin

The Darkest Angel found in the anthology Heart of Darkness -- Lysander and Bianka

Into the Dark-- has Darkest Fire and Darkest Prison printed inside, plus the Darkest Facts 

The Darkest Passion -- Aeron

The Darkest Lie -- Gideon

The Darkest Secret -- Amun

The Darkest Surrender -- Strider

The Darkest Seduction -- Paris

The Darkest Craving -- Kane

The Darkest Touch -- Torin


Otherworld Assassins:

Last Kiss Goodnight

Black and Blue 


White Rabbit Chronicles:

Alice in Zombieland 

Through the Zombie Glass 

The Queen of Zombie Hearts


Angels of the Dark:

Wicked Nights

Beauty Awakened

Burning Dawn


The Original Heartbreakers:

The One You Want

The Closer You Come

The Hotter You Burn

The Harder You Fall


Standalone Contemporaries:

Animal Instincts 

Catch A Mate 




Mysteria Lane

The Bodyguard

On the Hunt

Heart of Darkness

After Moonrise 

Magic At Midnight

All For One


Royal House of Shadows:

Lord of the Vampires

(the other 3 books in this series are written by Jill Monroe, Jessica Andersen, and Nalini Singh)


*ebook/short story