Bite Me! In love with vampires once again!

Dark Rogue: The Vampire Voss (Draculia Vampire Trilogy) - Colleen Gleason

Mystery, action, romance. Everything I could have ever wanted in a vampire story and more I found in Dark Rogue. I kept biting my nails and pulling my hair almost until the end because it wasn’t until then that ALL questions are answered. And then the hero, well, if you want to call him that, is almost an anti-hero. But it's that attitude of his and his own self-acceptance what makes him so attractive; his unapologetic behavior is what makes him such a great rogue. In general, the beauty of this book is the transformation, not only of one character but of the many that one single revelation causes and how their lives become affected by it.

It’s very hard indeed, at least for me, to find that author that knows how to weave a good paranormal world inside the very pompous Victorian era and I’m happy to I have found that author in Colleen Gleason. 4.5 stars.