Secret Obsession (Red Stone Security Series Book 12) by Katie Reus

Secret Obsession (romantic suspense) (Red Stone Security Series Book 12) - Katie Reus

This story follows the same formula the author has been using for other books in the series but that’s actually good because it works well for her.
Ford and Reagan have liked each other for a while but neither one of them has made their feelings known so when Reagan gets attacked by a stalker, it was kind of a nice surprise for her to find out he liked her as much as she liked him. The suspense was on point but the romance didn’t do much for me, or rather it felt more of a HFN as opposed to a HEA. Perhaps it was because I didn’t feel the main characters didn’t have much depth at the beginning and when they finally connected it was almost the end of the story. A nice surprise though was the romantic sub-story of bombshell Ruby and scarred (both inside and out) Montez. I think their storyline made up for what was missing on the main couple.
Another thing that I’ve always liked about this series is the interaction of the whole team with the main characters, which was fleshed out perfectly and it didn’t leave me feeling lost. This story is the 12th installment in the series however it can be read as a standalone. 3.5 stars.