A Year Without A Duke Box Set: Books 1-5

A Year Without A Duke Box Set: Books 1-5 - Genevieve Turner, Suzanna Medeiros, Jennifer Haymore, Sabrina Darby, Kate Pearce

Five different stories each written by five different authors. I was already a fan of most of them (this was my first read by Genevieve Turner) so I was very excited when these stories came out and I’m glad to say I was not disappointed.


Each story was unique and offered a different premise yet what I found most appealing about the set was the fact that they were all connected somehow, not only by a missing duke but by characters from one story showing up or just by being mentioned in another. It sort of kept the flow of the whole “who is the new duke?” going.


Although some stories were more sensual (for mature audiences) than others the core of them all was always romance.  Of course I liked some stories more than others and I’ve reviewed each story separately but I definitely recommend this box set (as a matter of fact I recommend reading as a whole set rather than separately) to any historical romance lover. 4 stars.


** I received a copy of this set from one of the authors in exchange for an honest review **