All That Glitters (Sol Series #1) by Erin Kellison

All That Glitters: Sol Series 1 - Erin Kellison

Erin Kellison is one of the most imaginative U/F and PNR authors out there. Every single one of her series transports the reader to a whole different world. Her storytelling is so engaging that it’s as if she’s not only telling you about it, she’s taking you to it!


All That Glitters was first released as part of the Sci-Fi Hotter on the Edge anthology (which was released in 2012 and is no longer available) and I have to admit that although I bought it then I never go to read it (gasp!) and it just sat there among the other hundreds of books in my TBR. Since I now consider myself a fan of Kellison, I knew I had to read it once the re-release was announced.




So, we have a good boy gone bad because he was cheated out of fortune and love. We also have a rich, rebel girl that returns home after a long absence only to be attacked and kidnapped by the man that rejected her. I’m using the juvenile terms because that’s how they initially think of each other, however once they talk again they realize things have changed and they’ve both changed as well.
I liked that the chemistry between the two is there from the start but at the same time it didn't feel forced and they didn’t rush into anything just because there was past history. I also liked the dynamic between the Sol sisters. Even though at the start one of them sounds a bit petty and spoiled, once I heard her reasoning it kind of made sense and she kind of grew on me. We’ll see how their relationship goes from here.


The world they live in is well depicted and details like the natural habitat of the place gave the story a more real atmosphere. The sub-plot of the story was well-thought and it moved the story forward. Even some of the annoying secondary characters added light and laugh out moments. I will definitely will be reading the rest of the series and I recommend it to anyone looking for a semi-quick romance/sci-fi read. 4 stars.






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