Review: The Trouble with Temptation (McKays #2) by Shiloh Walker

The Trouble with Temptation - Shiloh Walker

The Trouble with Temptation is the second installment in the McKays Series however I didn’t read the first one before and I never felt lost or as if I was missing something so it can definitely be read as a stand alone.


So, to start I’ll say that the cover had me fooled when I picked the book. Yes, the blurb said everything I needed to know about the story (as a matter of fact that’s the reason I decided to give this book a chance) but that cover just screams contemporary and somewhat “Halmark-ish” to me. Man, was I wrong! This book is full of suspense, angst, twists, and a whole lot of soul-shattering passion. All the characters hit you left and right with their individual emotional depth and complex synergy.

After a week in a comma, Hanna Parker wakes up with short-memory amnesia. She doesn’t recall the accident that caused it nor the events of the day that lead to it however, the one person she inexplicable remembers upon setting eyes on him is sexy Brannon McKay.

Brannon knows he hurt Hanna, badly, and will do anything and everything in his power to make up for his past mistakes and make her happy, even if that means not coming out clean to her. At the start and because of her condition, he decides to take things slow, so their relationship takes that sweet turn but gradually they take things several notches up and things get more romantic, sexier, and hotter. I loved that Hanna was portrayed as a sensible, sensitive, yet strong-minded woman. She knows there is something Brannon is hiding yet she stays and doesn’t push because she trusts him enough to give him a chance to tell her everything himself.

The sub-plot of the story -that of the killer on the run- complemented the story splendidly as it helped it move along; it was after all, the cause Hanna had lost her memory. And the promise of who is the next couple in the third book makes me want to reread this book just to take another look at their steamy yet troubled non/relationship.

I had heard good things about Shiloh Walker but never had I imagined that her writing was this amazing. I’m glad I picked this book as my first book by her. Can’t wait to read all her other works and the other two books in these series.


** I was gifted this book by the publishing company in exchange for an honest review **