Dangerous Protector (Red Stone Security #14) by Katie Reus

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Dangerous Protector (Red Stone Security #14) - Katie Reus

In a nutshell, the heroine Tegan was on the run for two years because a dangerous gangster thought she had stolen something from him. After a few months of living in Miami, she hears the news that said gangster is dead and so decides to finally settle and start a new life in her new hometown and new friends. One of those friends is ex-marine Aaron Fitzpatrick who now works for Red Stone Security. Just when she thought she was finally safe, someone attempts against Tegan’s life and it’s Aaron and company that jump in to the rescue.


So, here are a few things I liked about this story:

- Tegan although innocent didn’t sound stupid. I just cannot deal with heroines that act stupidly in the face of danger.

- Aaron was a typical growly, protective alpha male but had a softer, sweet side when it came to family. I fell in love with the way he interacted with his family and his own child.  

- The author always manages to start off a book with some sort of backstory so I didn’t feel the relationship was based on insta-lust. I think it was rather sweet the way Aaron managed the situation and didn’t push for anything.


And not so much:

- The story sounded a bit repetitive. There were parts that I thought I had already read (but I knew that couldn’t be possible) because the words just kept showing over, and over, and over again.

- This story follows the same formula as other books written by the same author, that of a sweet heroine in trouble and the hero coming to her rescue. If anything, I’d like a man in danger and the heroine rescuing his innocent a$$.


Honestly, I’m addicted to this series and this author so I doubt that the things I didn’t like will affect my future readings by her. For now, 3 stars.