Not Quite a Duke (Duke's Club #6) by Eva Devon

Not Quite A Duke (Dukes' Club Book 6) - Eva Devon

This was such a fun read. It was one of those that even though it got in my nerves and made me roll my eyes several times it also made me want to keep turning the pages to know what was going to happen next. The author was able to combine humor, romance, and poetry all into one well-written love story. 


I always try to connect to the books I read and I try to understand where the characters are coming from to have a better understanding of their behavior and the story itself. In the case of lady Patience, her attitude reminded me so much of myself at one point in my own life. I suppose that’s not here nor there but there was also something about her that that still rang true to this day. She wasn’t made out to be the epitome of beauty or with a body “made out to sin” and when she and Lord Charles met he flatly judges her as a woman in despair, not even giving her the chance to show him how smart she really is. That is something I believe many women still encounter these days.

Ah, but how gratifying it was that this “damsel in distress” got to set him straight and let him know that she actually didn’t need him at all. I believe I can nominate Lady Patience as one of the best historical feminists I’ve ever read.


“The arrogance of him to suppose he would know what was best for her. Then again he was a man.”



Dear Charles was a rake of the best kind of course *wink wink* Despite his faux pass with Patience, he was a charming character. He had a dark secret and to hide it he became the debauched man everyone knew him to be. Of course, Patience had no patience for anyone like him because what woman in her right man would trust a man like him?

As the story progresses and they are forced into doing things they may not have done in other circumstances, their relationship proves to be worth fighting for.


“But she was a goddess. His goddess. And since he’d longed to kneel and worship before her, having her declare that he belonged to her suddenly made him feel like an acolyte being praised by his deity… In short, it was rare and absolutely glorious.”



I love it when an author is able to turn simple words into poetic writing. Miss Devon is able to capture the feelings and thoughts of all her characters in such words that any other time I’d thought them corny but right here they are most definitely not.



And, to finish my feminism rant: there was something about the second half of the book that I felt missed the mark because I didn’t want Patience to be rescued, however later I understood that given the times she wasn’t being rescued but she was actually being granted some kind of freedom (You’ll get this when you read the book because I kind of paraphrased it from it ;) )


Definitely a great read and I recommend it to all historical romance lovers.


** I was gifted a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review **


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