Gold Like the Sun (Sol Series #2) by Erin Kellison

Gold Like the Sun: Sol Series 2 - Erin Kellison

Erin Kellison writes the most amazing serials/novellas. She’s capable of delving into each character and of providing a satisfying story with all the requirement elements of a much longer one.

In this second installment of her Sol series, we are introduced once again to Princess Pilar Sol and Hakkan Frust, however this time instead of visiting the flourishing planet Sol we are now in the Nyer Transit Hub, Hakkan’s home.
In a silly attempt to save Pilar’s life, he tries to send her away without realizing he is not only putting himself in danger but he’s also breaking up the amazing team that they had created. So what does a smart woman do? Teach the man a lesson of how things are done all while looking fabulous and wearing heels, of course.

Pilar was so much fun to read, she simply was a fun character. Nothing serious or demanding, She just was. I don’t like it when an author changes the characteristics of someone just because the “creative juices” dictated so or to fit the new story so I was pretty happy to see that Pilar didn’t change here and that she remained true to herself.
As for Hakkan I don’t think he could have been any cuter, sweeter, or perfect for that matter for her. He was the epitome of Yang for her Yin. We don’t get to “see” much of him in the first installment so I didn’t gather much of his character there but I was gladly surprised to find a well-rounded and assertive man here, what a good ruler should be about.

Now if we could stop talking about politics, power struggles, and business negotiations so I don’t space out while reading, that would be great… Other than that, it was a pretty amazing read and I will definitely continue reading the next installment in the series. 4 stars.

** I was gifted a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review **