Tempting His Mistress by Samantha Holt

Tempting His Mistress - Samantha Holt

Tempting His Mistress - Samantha Holt  This is a review for the audio version. The story in itself wasn't half bad but I just couldn't fall in love with the hero :(

And to be honest the voice that the narrator gave the hero didn't help much what with that cold and distant tone he had eve when he was with the heroine. 

Lilly seemed to be a smart woman that liked to stand up for women's rights even at the dinner table in the presence of sensible company. She knew that as an illegitimate child she would never find a suitable husband so she would just spend the rest of her life as a voice for women's rights and to find out what really happen to her father.
Her quick wit and caring nature caught the eye of Lord Evan Hawksley, so much so that when his sick brother made a pass at her, he decided the brother was not going to steal her from him and offered for her to become his mistress.




Ok, I get it, life back then was harsh and society was much more restricted but I felt he didn't romance her much, he pretty much bought her. And when she acquiesced, she turned out to be such a meek creature in his company, he even mentioned that the fiery creature had disappeared. Part of that was because she was afraid of him. He was cold, distant and aloof. At least when they were together intimately he didn't forget she also had needs that needed fulfilled so that was a point on his favor I guess. Oh, yeah, he also helped women that were physically abused by their husband - let's forget that he in a way abused Lilly emotionally by constantly reminding her she was just a mistress and nothing else.





I supposed in the end he explained his reasons for acting the way he did, she explained her reasons and everyone lived happily ever after but for me it was a little way too late. So, all in all not the best story by this author. 2.5 Stars.