Hart's Desire (Pirates & Petticoats #1) by Chloe Flowers

Hart's Desire: Pirates & Petticoats Novel One - Chloe Flowers

This is the first installment in the Pirates & Petticoats series. It was an entertaining story with enough mystery and a daring heroine that kept me turning the pages until the end however if you’re looking for romance and characters with enough substance this story was lacking a little of both. Romance was definitely not at the front and center here as the main plot revolved around uncovering too many secrets and a lady trying to become more independent, which again kept the story interesting but not enough to be called a historical romance, at least not for my taste. Perhaps if the main characters had spent more time together even if not around their romance and their relationship had been more detailed the story wouldn’t have felt so incomplete. As it was, it felt as if he was only flirting with her ALL the time and not wooing her enough. 3 stars, and only because the other characters and the mysteries surrounding the couple were interesting enough.

** I was gifted a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review **