Hart's Passion (Pirates & Petticoats #2) by Chloe Flowers

Hart's Passion (Pirates & Petticoats) (Volume 2) - Chloe Flowers

Second installment in the Pirates and Petticoats series.
A bit of a spoilers ahead ~~~ The first book ended in a cliffhanger so you must read the first one in order to fully enjoy this one

As Hart and Rachel head out to escape her uncle and a marriage she doesn't want, she's kidnapped. While trying to escape she kills a man that warrants revenge from another evil man. Now they are not only trying to protect her freedom but also her life.
I liked the plot of this story but unfortunately I could not put up with the heroine's indecisiveness what with one minute was willing to go with Hart the next she was sure he was only going to take advantage of her virtue because he was a man of the sea. There was a moment when that was particularly annoying when she thought he had gone without her and she was regretting not letting him know how much she loved him and not trusting him. Then they meet again (in the middle of a terrible fight where people may be dying) and she started doubting his love again. And this goes on for the rest of the story. He loves me, he loves me not... I trust him, I trust him not... It was overly tiresome to say the least. The story dragged on because of this and I just couldn't fully appreciate it because of so much telling and not enough showing when it came to characters feelings.
2 stars.


** I was gifted a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review**