Forbidden Fling by Skye Jordan

Forbidden Fling (Wildwood Book 1) - Skye Jordan

Delaney Hart returned home after pretty much running away and leaving everything that had ruined her life behind, including her family. She was expecting to find an old family bar in ruins and all kinds of trouble but never did she imagine she would find a kindred spirit that would remind her what a strong, capable woman she was. The thing is that the kindred spirit called Ethan Hayes way of reminder was by making her life as complicated as possible while making her fall in love with him all at the same time. In a nutshell, they both wanted the same thing but because of their own fears and insecurities neither one of them was speaking up nor opening to the other.




Delaney was the epitome of a rebel child in the eyes of everyone in town before she left, however those close to her knew that she did everything within her power to keep the family business afloat and took care of her younger sisters. That was until the day everything changed, Ethan’s family and her own became enemies, and she decided she’d had enough and left town. I loved that her character was never ashamed of her femininity or sexuality. She knew of her past mistakes, owned them, and tried to fix them in the best way she knew how. I love characters that don’t let the past deter them from a goal or a better future. It shows them as strong-minded and smart.

Ethan on the other hand was a softie, a little too much in my opinion. And it’s not that he was a push-over but HE was trying to make up for something that HE knew wasn’t his fault and yet he still tried. And therein that the problems between Delaney and Ethan started. Ethan wanted to avoid hurting too many people and that was driving me up the wall. I seriously wanted him to make up his mind. He wasn’t a weakling, or a wuss, so what was stopping him?


I’m not going to hate the story based on the emotional nature of one of the main characters because when I think that was his role in the story. He had to come to terms with his past and present before they could even plan a future. In the end I was like “yes, that was all you had to do! Why didn’t you do that ages ago?” But again, he had to make the decision, not me , hehe


All in all a good read and I’ll definitely continue reading the series. 3.5 stars.



** I won a copy of this story via Goodreads Giveaways however that didn't affect my opinion of it **