Highland Temptation (Highland Knights #3) by Jennifer Haymore

Highland Temptation - Jennifer Haymore

I'm sorry to say this was not my favorite in the series. 

I really loved Grace and Duncan's story in Highland Heat (Highland Knights #1) but I feel the subsequent stories started to lack that spark between the main characters until we got to this one in which we found the hero and heroine completely skipping the woo-me phase and going straight to the take-me-to-bed phase. 


Apparently Colin and Emilia met in one of Colin's previous assignments and even though they didn't have much communication she learned to trust him. As Emilia found herself threatened by her own father he ran to the only man she thought would be able to help her. 

Not too bad so far. I can bypass the idea that a Lady of society would seek help in the least likely of places even if that place was filled with unmarried men. That at least said she was smart up to a point. After some plans were laid to protect her and unmask her father to society, Colin and Emilia embark on a trip to hide her from any more harm. 


Uhm... that doesn't sound too smart. For starters, Colin has "demons" of his own and every time he has a nightmare, he hurts those around him. He knew that and yet decided to make that trip as Emilia's bodyguard. Secondly, lady of society, long trip, covered carriages...didn't anyone think about propriety? Fine, this is how the story was supposed to go. Let's roll with it. 


The romance itself was lacking and fast-paced compared to the slowness of the rest of the story. I just didn't connect to either the emotions nor struggles of the main couple. In my opinion there was too much telling but not enough showing when it came to their feelings. The many other characters that I had to keep up with made me realize that in order to fully enjoy this story I probably would have had to read one story after the other in order to remember all of their story arcs.


So, like I said, not the best in the series and at this point I'm not entirely sure if I want to continue reading the series. 2 1/2 stars.


** I was gifted a copy of this story by the publisher via Netgalley**