Axion (Red Rock Alien Mail Order Brides #2) by Erin Kellison

Axion: Red Rock Alien Mail Order Brides 2 (Intergalactic Dating Agency) - Erin Kellison

We met our main couple in the first book of this series by this author. I liked Leif but I had no idea he’d be so funny in his own unique way. He was aloof and cold, and the least thing in his mind was love. Nina on the other hand had been looking for love and a way out of this world for most of her life. Although Leif was there and she thought he was attractive they never really clicked. That is until a visit from the future changed everything in their present and battle for survival and to find out who’s friend and who’s foe took place.


This book has everything a sci-fi romance story should have: aliens, shifters, a malicious race trying to take over the world, time-travel, laugh out moments, a spunky heroine, and of course a hunky, intelligent outer being.
You would think that would be plot overkill but it’s not! The whole story is set at a perfect pace and it’s told with a super smooth flow. The chemistry between Leif and Nina was there from the get go but didn’t feel rushed. I only wish these stories by the author were longer because they are sooooo good and as usual they only leave me panting for more!!


*** I received this book from the author at no cost to me and I volunteered to read it; this is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher.***