Dark Protector (Moon Shifter, #6) by Katie Reus

Dark Protector (A Werewolf Romance) (Moon Shifter Series Book 6) - Katie Reus

I love coming back to this world! All the male heroes are so alpha-possessive and protective (and sometimes yes, annoyingly overbearing! hehe) but oh, so charming and sweet *le sigh* And the females are strong, kick-a$$, not-going-to-take-your-crap women ready to love and be loved.

We met Aldric and Natalia, our couple in past books and their relationship was gearing up to be a great one, but then at the start of this book we found out Aldric just ghosted out on Natalia. She was hurt but being the strong female that she was she’d decided to stop pinning for him and move on with her life. That is until a mission to find out missing vampires threw them back together and Aldric was no longer able to deny the attraction, and possibly mating instinct, that Natalia awoke in him.

Ok, confession time (and possible spoilers). So I loved Natalia and Aldric. I very much liked that she refused to rush into the relationship after the way he behaved. She was tenacious, resilient, and strong-minded, so a few pretty words or closeness to Aldric wasn’t going to change her mind, no matter what her body or heart were telling her. Aldric sounded like a huge, cuddly bear. The kind that scares you upon first impression but the more you get to know him the more you fall in love with him. The relationship moved slowly but surely and the way they got open up to each other was perfect. I think it was one of my favorite couples.

Now, and perhaps of what I just said, I feel that the fact that another couple’s love life was continued in this book I was not able to enjoy Aldric and Natalia’s love story to the fullest. I think I would have been happier if the time we spent with that other couple we’d had spent with the main couple. As it is, I feel we just brushed the surface of what could have been a more dynamic and sexier relationship *wah wah*

But beggars cannot be choosers and because I liked the plot and frankly I would still have liked the action, mystery, and paranormal world that this series never fails to achieve, even if there wasn’t any romance included, I definitely recommend this book (and series) to any PNR lover.

*** I received this book from one of the authors at no cost to me and I volunteered to read it; this is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher.***