Challenge Accepted: 2017 Book Challenges

— feeling star

For 2017 I signed up for 4 book challenges. Right now I'm regretting 3 of them and the other one I'm still debating if I want to continue. Truth be told they all sounded interesting and I thought they would push me to read outside my comfort zone but in reality I don't want to leave my bubble, I just want to read what I want to read! 


So, I've decided that if I'm doing this I'm going to do on my own terms. I'm going to complete the challenges but by reading what's already on my TBR and/or Kindle or even Netgalley account... and if not there, well, I'm sure I will be there before the end of the year, ha! 




I have a Bingo Card, and A-Z that may include name of book and author's first/last name, and a Read Harder Challenge by BookRiot. Who knows, I may end up having fun. What am I saying, of course I will, I'll be reading!!