Review: 3.5/5 stars for The Baller: A Down and Dirty Football Novel by Keeland

The Baller - Vi Keeland, Sean Crisden, Mackenzie Cartwright

Reviewing the audio version. This story is definitely not what I expected. I mean, it actually started pretty predictable however since I’d heard so many good things about the author I decided to keep going and in the end I was not disappointed.

Brody is your typical cocky, self-assured MVP of the NFL and he knew how much women like him that way. Delilah is a TV newscaster trying to make her way into the world of sports. When they meet at an interview in the locker room, Brody decides she’s going to be his new conquest. Delilah has decided no matter how attractive he is or how many dirty tricks he plays on her, she’s just not going to be his new conquest as she wants more than one-night stand.

Told from different POVs, this story had plenty of angst, heartbreak, funny moments, and Brody’s dirty mouth, which was one of my favorite parts. I loved his sexual bluntness which was his unusual way for hiding his caring, loving heart. The fact that he pretty much said what was in his mind and said it without an inkling of shame had me cracking up the whole time.
I don’t have anything against Delilah but to me she was a little too soft. I like my heroines with a stronger backbone and to me she sounded that she didn’t want to speak her mind because she wanted to avoid conflict. When someone from Brody’s past returns she kind of just sat there and waited for something to happen. I’m not saying doubt your boyfriend but please, be proactive. I think that was one the things that was a miss with this story, I think it could have gone a different route and instead it just fell flat once their relationship hit a big boulder.
At any rate, the book still hit all the good points in my enjoyment scale and to me it’s still a recommendable book.